Another Great Day

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Another perfect day… what an amazing thing. An entire month of perfectly wonderful days has passed without a hitch and we are now solidly experiencing the teary time of camp. Even a super happy play (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a absolute delight) leads to moments of tearful hugs. As the curtain fell and the cast and crew shared a collective scream of joy, there were also teary eyes as girls suddenly realized it was over. If your camper was on the cast or crew, make sure you find out all about what they did… every aspect of the show was astounding. The standing ovation was well earned… as was their post production party at Whitehall. Camp is a good place. Good in a way that is hard to explain.

I find myself pausing when I speak to the girls at this point of the summer. Genuine feelings of appreciation mix with poignant feelings of loss…

When God created everything, after each day He pronounced “It is Good”. That is a BIG WORD but it seems to be the right one for camp. Camp requires a 100% effort from hundreds of people for weeks on end. Most efforts are unsung and unrecognized but the work is done with a a smile in anticipation of the impact it will have on others. Counselors and campers share this same standared of living… investing their all without hesitation to make camp better for others. Such living accrues to the Glory of God. Good indeed.

Thank You.

  • Breakfast: French Toast and Sausage Links
  • Lunch: BLT’s
  • Dinner: Prime Rib, Loaded potatoes… super nice dinner
  • EP: Closing Vespers.

The weather shifts this afternoon with the arrival of a cold front. Temperatures and humidity drop, sunny skies, a steady breeze… you will feel it yourself on Thursday. We are thankful.

We put together a little “highlights” video of our fourth week and also of the synchro show. We will be giving the Synchro girls copies of the watershow for their personal use (USB drives), so if your girls were in the show you will be able to watch their performance together! Hope you enjoy the glimpse into camp life!

Week 4 Highlights Video!

Watershow Highlights!

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