Why Read This?

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Last year I was surprised by a survey response from a June Camp parent. They were disappinted that we didn’t let them know what was going on at camp… that they hoped that in the future we would give more communication regarding what the girls did every day. The food, the weather, the special events… things they would be excited about recalling when they came home.

That is what we do in the Blog every day! It is how we let you know the little things that combine to make every day at camp a “Great Day”. I consider it to be a very important - important enough to make it one of the first things I do each morning. It connects us and what could be more important than that? It brings you closer to “the bubble” and will facilitate many conversations later in the year.

So what is going on today?

Wonderful weather!!! Sunny, low humidity, cool temperatures in the morning and warm temperatures in the afternoon. Perfection! It won’t last!!! More humidity will arrive with the more normal weather patterns of the North Carolina mountains (humid, warm, afternoon showers) that will arrive later this week. For now I am basking in the perfection!

A great moment occurred yesterday afternoon when the girls ran into the Pavilion for our first “Assembly”. The bugle blew at 3:00, letting everyone know that Rest Hour was over and it was time to go to the Pavilion. The girls busted out of their cabins and ran toward the action. The entire road was lined by a column of counselors clapping and cheering as they entered this great camp building. We call it the “Royal Reception” and it is AMAZING! It makes me think of heaven.

Hebrews 12 speaks of the “Crowd of witnesses” that surround us. My parents are members of that joyful crowd, a thought that makes me happy. At camp we mirror that attitude… each counselor encouraging and leading in love… this is the primary job of our staff and it becomes a priority for the campers as well. We help eachother, smiling and making friends throughout the day and it makes for a very sweet community.

Not that such a community forms perfectly, nor does it form immediately. Girls can be hurtful and it is important to grow from such moments, learning from our mistakes. So we learn to regularly say we are sorry, face to face with a loving and humble heart. We learn to forgive, and mend the damage in a loving way.

Love is marked by patience and unselfishness… and love leads to Joy. We hope that you will see joy in the faces of your girls in the next three weeks. That you will see joy in the faces of camp.

We encourage you to write your girls every day. Hand written letters (the best thing to get in the mail) and emails (the easiest way to check in). Use the blog in all of your letters for it will show that you know the stuff that is happening at camp.


  • The weather is perfect (highs in the70’s, no chance of rain, the rain returns tomorrow)
  • Dinner last night was Spaghetti, big salad bar, roasted asparagus, and Oreo Cream Pie (one of the most favorite desserts at camp).
  • Breakfast: fried ham and apples, fresh biscuits, big fruit and yogurt bar, cereal, oatmeal… best breakfast ever!
  • Lunch: BLT’s!!!!!!!
  • Dinner: Pork Chops, apple sauce, roasted squash and zuchini, salad, cookie
  • EP: Tentalow Lip Syncs

A quick word about Lip Syncs… they are fun to watch and magical to perform. The bonding effect of preparing an act is profound. The cabin works together from beginning to end: choosing a song and working out the choreography then choosing their costumes. They are so excited and when they take their positions under the bright lights that excitement is palpable. The acts are short and “punchy”, always followed by a ROAR of applause as the girls run off stage to get their picture taken. They hug, jump up and down, squeal with delight, and chatter without ceasing as they run back to the “pit” to watch the next act. It is my favorite EP of the session for the effect it has with the girls!

Thank you for making camp a part of your summer. Thank you for reading the blog. Thank you for appreciating the unique way camp facilitates growth in your girls. We hope to surpass all expectations in the weeks to come.

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