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My father used to say: “You have to pay the Price for the Promise of the Prize”. The Price was running/walking 3 miles every Sunday of camp. The Promise was a T-shirt prize. The “bribery” always works… campers come out in massive numbers… always have and always will.

Our final (and only) Stumblers of June Camp was an unqualified success. It was comfortable (temperatures in the mid 70’s with a light breeze), it was sunny (not a cloud in the sky), and widely attended (I estimate 300 campers). After the t-shirts were distributed we walked up to the dining hall for a buffet breakfast, clean up time in the cabin, then Sunday School and church.

As you know, the break from daily classes is appreciated by all (campers just as much as counselors), ESPECIALLY at this point in the session (when we really crave time to just BE with our friends). Camp is literally buzzing with the sounds of hundreds of conversations taking place in every corner. From the canoe dock to the Health Hut porch, girls love to sit in groups both large and small making the most of the time that we still have.

Time is short, we know that now. A week passes in the blink of an eye and that means that we are just about to go home. There is MUCH to do before that day arrives, which makes the time pass even faster. Life is indeed good.

Margaret and I loved our time with the birthday girls yesterday. It was so much fun! Time passes so quickly, we barely made it down to the talent show. I was so impressed with how easily this diverse group of campers socialized in a new setting. 17 girls (most of whom did not know eachother) made connections, compared notes, and found that they had a lot in common. One interesting fact: of 17 families represented, only 2 owned cats but 15 had dogs!

Sam Taafe will preach his final sermon of June Camp and I know it will be a good one. He is a super nice guy with a super great family… many cabin groups have asked him to chat at rest hour or free period. He is a great resource and we are glad to have him here.

  • Breakfast of coffee cake, yogurt, fruit, cereal.
  • Lunch is Lasagna
  • Dinner is the Pizza buffet with salad and leftovers.
  • Weather is sunny (highs in the 80’s).

Leland just finished a little video of our second week at camp, enjoy!