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Last night we “made” the girls get dressed up (we wear whites on special occasions) and gather by cabin groups on uncomfortable benches without making a sound. The silence lasts more than an hour. Hundreds of girls sitting through a program that doesn’t sound enticing: hear a story, recite a verse, and light a candle. Most camps would shudder at putting such a program in the first week of a session but we have found this surprising program to be a hit. The girls always love it.

The girls were amazing… as always. They appreciated the beauty of the moment, the significance of continuing a 100 year old tradition, and the change of pace. Frankly, we were ready for a quiet night!

There wasn’t a whisper during the “keeper of the flame” story. Everyone recited their verses with confidence and remained silent during the breaks between cabin groups. They broke the silence only once (predictably, during when they lit their candles)… it was a lovely evening. We enjoyed it very much and had a great nights sleep.

The forecast is for rain (100% chance) but it has been absolutely perfect all morning long! It is warm (80 degrees), cloudy, and there is not a breath of wind. The campers are enjoying their classes with wild laughter and squeals of delight from many areas. It is a wonderful day! We expect rain, but it is hard to say when it will arrive.

Our EP is scheduled to center around a “County Fair” (basically a bunch of games like you would find at such things a hundred years ago) and a big dance party. It will be lots of fun, but it requires a couple hours without rain. We will see! If rain comes, we will adjust… all part of the fun!

  • Breakfast: Ham and Cheese Bagles
  • Lunch: Chicken Fingers and French Fries
  • Dinner: Flank Steak and Polenta

Some observations about this camper group:

  • They LOVE jokes… I have had more amazing jokes shared by campers than any session ever before. Funny jokes! Example: How does the butcher introduce his wife— MEET PATTY! Another: What does the eye doctor teach in school— DIVISION!
  • They are very poilite… every interaction with “please” and “thank you”.

Bottom line: your girls are amazing and you should be proud. Thank you for sharing them with us. We are grateful.

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