Feeling Groovy

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Sometimes a day feels like a song… and this is one of those “happy song” days! The sun is out, the ground is dry, the campers are happy, we have everything to look forward to and nothing to dread. Life is good.

Things changed in an instant yesterday afternoon. The rainy weather changed to lovely weather in a matter of minutes. A heavy downpour in the middle of fifth period then the sun came out the beginning of sixth period. Needless to say, dinner was a riotous affair! Not only were we relishing the rays of sun, we were anticipating a super fun outside EP. It was a glorious night, tons of fun and just what we needed.

We are now half way through our Breakfast Club 4-fold subject matter (having completed social and mental growth). Tomorrow we move to physical growth and end with spiritual growth next week. The girls are loving the jokes and I am having a record number of little comedians presenting their best stuff in hopes of their joke making it into my routine. I just had a little girl tell me one that is very typical: “What did the turnip say to the DJ? “Turnup the music”… my days are filled with a steady stream of girls who want to talk. They come in groups and push one to the front (all giggling). I prompt: “Do you have a joke?” and she just jumps right into the presentation, talking through a huge smile (which is harder than you think). Ahhh… camp.

  • Breakfast: Belgium Waffles and bacon
  • Lunch: Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
  • Dinner: Laura’s thick cut roasted pork chops
  • EP: Team Fires (yes, tomorrow is challenge day!)

Thanks for checking in. Hope you have a groovy day.