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We have only three days left in camp. They will serve up a series of big events and small moments, each of which is special in a different way and each of which feels special. Added to these moments will be a sense of anticipation… banquet is just around the corner! The days will go by quickly, even though the girls don’t really grasp how little time is left.

The feeling around camp is wonderful. The assemblies, cabins, classes, and activities are WIRED. The camper’s enthusiasm is infectious… so the entire camp ends up riding a wave of excitement that culminates Thursday night. There is just a little time left to accomplish goals set weeks ago so we are making every minute count.

The Production EP was delightful. Such great dancing, singing, cheering, and guitar. You would have been proud of your girls, they have learned so much! We know that you enjoy seeing such events and tonight we will give you the option of “attending” the June Camp Play (The Little Mermaid) by livestreaming the event. We will turn on the camera at 7:15 PM anticipating a 7:30 PM start time. This is a live performance only… we are not allowed to record the show (you can not watch it later). We love plays at camp, this one is sure to be fun!

If you do watch the play, we think you will be impressed. The girls work very hard and all that hard work really pays off on the big night. They will know their lines, their singing and dancing will be confident, the costumes and props will be surprisingly good… the play is our best EP in many ways, we hope you like the show! Our Main Camp sound and lighting director, Mary Ellen, flew in from New York to run the tech side of things. It is going to be so great!

The Big Horse Show is also a major focus of the day. The riders were announced in the dining hall, we have set up a PA system and put together a jump course in ring 1. The horses are beautifully turned out and some of the riders are wearing fancy riding attire. We have a visiting judge from Florida and will announce each of the classes and play music between classes. It will be a lot of fun!

We are celebrating Backwards Day today:

  • Breakfast: Spagetti Carbonara and bread pudding
  • Lunch: BLT’s
  • Dinner: Chicken and Waffles
  • Weather: warm and muggy, a big thunder storm last night.

We are loving camp and grateful for the days that are left.

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