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We had such a great time at the 100th celebration blow out last night… a non-stop party that started in the Dining Hall and only ended as we drifted off to sleep in our tents by the lake.

There is a wonderful feeling that arises from a great party. An overwelming sense of camaraderie, of significance, of moment. I have had this feeling several times in my life… mostly when attending a very well planned wedding. Every detail has been anticipated and every need anticipated. It is very hard to pull off such an event, for even if everything is done very well it is often true that it just doesn’t have the “magic” of a perfect party. That is why most people hire party planners… it is a job that requires a professional.

We did not hire a professional last night, but it looked like we did. The whole effect was so perfect for the setting. Refined without being stuffy, fun without being frivilous, exceptionally well staffed (our counselors did an amazing job setting up, running, breaking down, and facilitating a thousand little jobs). By the time we handed out glo-sticks and watched the fireworks show, everyone agreed: this was something significant.

Our goal was to make Centennial Celebration special. I can only say: Mission Accomplished! We are a bit bleary eyed, for it was a late night, but we are also giddy with the memory. One way we will celebrate the aftermath of such an event is with an embrace of that “tired” feeling that always lingers after a big night. So we will introduce June campers to a Greystone “Do Nothing” afternoon. We will sleep as long as we like at rest hour, then do whatever we want. Go to the pavilion to watch a movie, play at water park, read in the Eno’s, or just hang out in the cabin playing games. The campers will be very surprised when we announce this treat at lunch… you might hear the squeals of delight wherever you might be! It is exactly what we need!

Today brings warmer weather (80 degrees), tomorrow brings the return of afternoon rain showers. We will enter our final week with high expectations for the more “normal” experiences of camp life. It will begin with the Birthday Ball and Talent Show this evening.

We have invited the 17 birthday girls (anyone who has a birthday during June Camp) to our house (the first time we have done the Birthday Ball this way). It is one of the inovations arising from our quest for “moments”. Margaret and I live at the camp, right next to the Fine Arts Center, and we invite the girls up to our house from time to time. Every visit is special, for we live in a special house! This is the house in which my Great Grandfather lived, it’s where my parents lived, and it’s where I grew up. We renovated it with campers in mind about ten years ago and I have to admit it turned out great! Lots of little nooks to explore, various pets (baby chicks and a hamster) will be found in the game room, our kitchen centers around a giant table big enough for 14 people to eat at one time, we put a home theater inside the kitchen pantry (stairs to the basement are in the pantry), hid several closet doors in the music room (a nod to Narnia), there is a secret door that looks like a book case, a firemans pole that goes from the music room to the game room, and even a fully stocked American Girl loft. Amazing, right! Campers love getting an invitation, so are sure that the birthday girls are going to feel very special.

The EP tonight will be the camper talent show, perhaps the best show of the session (campers throw better talent shows than counselors do… campers take it WAY more seriously). It will be a great show, we are all excited about it.

  • Breakfast: Donuts and hot chocolate
  • Lunch: Fish Taco’s
  • Dinner: Chicken Picatta

Thanks again for being a part of our Celebration summer. Thanks for checking in. We hope you are having a great weekend!