Adventure Awaits

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Every day at camp feels like an adventure. We awake to a world of possibilities and potential. Some opportunities are well known (I can’t wait for riflery because I am about to pass the Pro Marksman level) and some are complete surprises (Look… a 4 leaf clover!). Some of our adventures are big and some are small, but each of them are a seed of delight that sprout on their own… like magic!

Take movie night… when was the last time you watched “The Princess Diaries”? Well, the entire camp watched it last night in the Pavilion and the impact was huge! It was a movie that was embraced by all and beloved by all; you ought to take a couple hours and watch it some time and see if you are not drawn in. I hadn’t seen it in years and think it has grown better with age (like a fine wine!). Many of the girls will always think of last night when they watch it later in life. The comfort and delight will return with vivid memories of that time she enjoyed at Greystone. Adventures made and shared with the best friends she ever imagined.

Today is another beautiful day. Cool temperatures, blue skies, no chance of rain… the last of a series of perfect summer days. Starting tomorrow we will gradually adjust to normal temperature and rain patterns.

One nice thing about the weather is the impact it will have on our BIG OVERNIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA this evening. The entire camp will be sleeping in tents on the Soccer field after a big “Passport” EP (every camper is given a passport that they can get stamped by going to different locations in camp and doing an activity that is tied to our 100th celebration). It will culminate with a big fireworks show by the lake and s’mores before bedtime. The clear skies will make for great star gazing and I can only imagine the number of fire flies that will be captured in little hands.

The tents are large enough for entire cabins. I can only imagine what an impression it will make.. epic is the only word that comes to mind. It will be a memorable night.

  • Breakfast: Sleep Late Friday breakfast served in the cabin
  • Lunch: Hamburgers and fries
  • Dinner: Chicken fingers, Mac and Cheese

Thank you for checking in. Hope your day will be at least half as great as our day is going to be!

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