Tuesday is Terrific at Junior Camp

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Last night we had our Birthday Ball and 100th Birthday Celebration in the Dining Hall. It was so festive and fun….complete with confetti and party hats! The girls who had birthdays this session got to sit at the head table, and we had a wonderful time getting to know them better. The Pizza was a big hit, as was the birthday cake with sprinkles on top. As you can see,the girls got real creative with how they wore their party hats!

With this beautiful weather, activities are going SO well. The girls are having fun and learning new skills.

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Breakfast: Sausage, pancakes, fruit bar and oatmeal. Lunch: Cheesy Chicken with pasta, roasted broccoli, bread, salad bar and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Dinner will be Cheese Ravioli, Green Beans and fresh baked bread with dessert.

Last night’s County Fair was a HUGE hit with the girls!! Games, a Dance Party and time with friends made the night extra special.

This evening we will have Challenge Day. The girls will go back to their tentalows after classes. They will clean their cabins for points for their teams (the cleaner the cabin the more points). They will then get ready for Challenge day by putting on their green and gold, and decking out in the extra “bling” that camp is providing for them. They will go to the Pavilion and have a friendly competition between the teams, and the winner will be announced at the end.

We are having a grand time together!

Thanks for sharing your girls with us!!