Girls and Horses

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As I sit at my desk working on plans for camp next summer, I take a moment to look back and gather my thoughts about what makes riding at Camp Greystone such a special part of camp.

I look out at the wonderful horses in the paddocks munching hay and nickering to their friends across the fences and I think “that is certainly a big part.” Then I consider the wonderful facility and the always friendly staff, and I think to myself “this is another great feature that makes riding at camp such a great experience.”

I consider the fabulous trail riding at Thunderhead and all the fun we have up there.

I go over all the facets of riding I can think of but still something is missing. And then I realize what holds it all together.

The thing that makes all this such a wonderful part of camp is the very special affinity the girls have with the horses.

It’s that strong and intangible connection between girls and horses that is obviously the main ingredient.

These powerful yet gentle, unassuming beasts and the kind, loving, and determined girls are the perfect mix!

To nurture and care deeply for these noble animals and to be repaid in patience, solitude, and exhilaration in the riding experience is without a doubt why girls so love these horses. I know many a girl who would rather muck a stall than clean their room and I’ll bet you do too. The smell of fresh hay, clean leather, and all the aromas of the feed room coupled with all the familiar sounds that say ”this is a happy barn” are irresistable.

There’s just something deeply gratifying in grooming, mucking, and feeding that only a horse girl understands. And you are those horse girls! Without you, the riding would not shine so brightly. You are what makes riding at camp so special.

The wonder and compassion I see in the eyes of Greystone Girls as they interact with these wonderful animals and the willing kindness of the horses makes great memories that will last a lifetime.

The love of the horse is why we all have such a great time at riding and that love comes from all of you. I can’t wait till summer is here again and all of you show up and bring that unique life to riding.

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