Surprise a Stranger - May Love Challenge

Our last month of our Love Challenge – I can’t believe it! Thank you to everyone who has jumped in with us this year. What a difference you have made by thinking each month about a way to show Love to those around you. We hope you have enjoyed it!

One of my favorite ways to show Love to those around me is by doing something in a surprising way, especially when someone doesn’t know it was me. Ellen-Anne has this great quote in her office that says:

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Isn’t that true?! For this month, our last Love Challenge, we encourage you to hide a surprise for someone in a place it can be found without that person knowing it was you. Fun, right?

I bet you can come up with many ideas to meet this last Challenge, but if you need some ideas to get you started, here you go…

  • Hide a note or dollar bill in a book you are returning to the library.
  • Put a bag of Kindness Kisses (see picture below) on your table when you leave a restaurant or in your seat when you leave Starbucks.
  • Pay for the person behind you when you’re going through the drive thru.
  • Stick a Kindness Sticky Note in a public place – anywhere that needs some cheering up.
  • Bake some cookies for a neighbor and leave them as a surprise on their doorstep.
  • Leave a Compliment Card on a friend’s locker.
  • Send an anonymous Thank You card to your police officers, firefighters, and more.

Just some ideas to get you started. I hope you will join us in spreading love this month in surprising ways – I bet you’ll feel all the joyful and happy feelings too while helping someone else.

Thanks for a wonderful year of showering Love on those near to you. No need to stop now that we are gearing up for camp – circle back to some of your favorite challenges throughout the summer. Let’s keep the Love going!