Praying for Others - March Love Challenge

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We are getting so close to camp – we can’t wait!!! Hard to believe that March is here and we only have three more months of our Love Challenge this year. We hope you will join us this month, as our Challenge is something near and dear to our hearts at camp – prayer! This month, as a way to show love, we want you to join us in praying for those around you. There is no better way to say, “I love you!” than by praying for that person!

First off, let’s think of different people near and dear to you that you can shower with love through prayer:

  • Your family: pray for blessing in their life, for different things going on their life, and that they will know God more and more.
  • Your friends: pray for your friendships, that you can have good strong Christian friends that will lead you to the Lord; pray that your friends will grow in their love of Christ as well.
  • Your neighbors: pray that you can continue to get to know your neighbors, and pray for those that don’t know Jesus.
  • People that have hurt your feelings or you may not like: This summer, as part of our theme verses on love, we learned that love keeps “no records of wrong” and is “not easily angered” (1 Cor. 13). Pray for those people that may have upset you or that get under your skin easily.
  • Your camp friends: pray that they will remember what they learned at camp and that love will continue to grow in their lives.

The list of people you can pray for could go on and on, but this will give you a good place to start. Now, what are some good ways to remember to pray? Here are some ideas:

  • Put a notecard beside your bed with a list of names you want to remember to pray for each day; you can read it before you go to bed and pray for those people each night.
  • Pray in the shower! You’ve got time to kill in there, so why not make shower time your prayer time? Cleanliness and godliness can go together!
  • Join our 31-Day Prayer Challenge – you can start anytime, as we help you pray about different things. Don’t only use it as a way to pray for things in your life; think of someone else you could pray for each day as well. You can post this list on your mirror to help remind you.
  • Set up some accountability with a friend. Grab a friend and remind each other to pray each day. You can send a text message or tell each other when you see each other at school.
  • Write down your prayers. Grab a new journal and write down your prayers each day – this will help you stay focused!

These are just some simple ideas to get you started. Whether you use one of them or try something else, we encourage you to make prayer a priority this month. Try to pray every day for just a little bit (you can even check it off on a calendar so you don’t forget). Practice can help make it a habit in your life, allowing for you to pray huge blessings of love on those around you.

See you in April!