To All of My Campers on Valentines Day

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It is so hard to believe that Valentine’s Day has come around, and that it has already been around four months since I’ve seen all your beautiful faces!

There may be a lot of love in the air this time of year, but nothing compares to the love I (and hopefully you all) feel at Camp Greystone.

As evidenced in the pictures, I have spent nearly every summer in Tuxedo since I was nine years old. Coming from Chicago, I didn’t have the comfort of a friend from home or a previously sought out bunkmate to welcome me to camp, but I felt so welcomed anyway.

That is why I decided to come back year after year, where I would end up finding my best friends, my college roommate, and countless others that have affected my life for the better whether it is from the bed next to mine, somewhere across the country, or even across the world.

This past summer was my first year on staff, and I finally got to know the secret of what makes Greystone so special: it’s love.

From the day we set foot back in Tuxedo, all the counselors are praying for you girls by name and getting so excited for the days and weeks to come. Most of us have never met each other, and we have never met you, but we love you already anyway!

This is the reason we all have the best, silliest, happiest times at camp, because we know we love each other and can act so goofy around those who love us. I know you guys have seen it; the way we act silly everyday onstage, dress up in crazy costumes, and shout until our voices give out is a result of feeling comfortable and loved by those around us, and we as counselors do love you so!

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In the last few months until camp this summer (counting down the days!) my hope for you girls is to live everyday with this feeling of being loved, because you are!

By your camp friends, your counselors, and most importantly the Lord. Can’t wait to see you all back again for the best summer ever!

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