Memorize Scripture - January Love Challenge

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Happy 2018 Greystone girls! It is finally the year of camp, and we truly cannot wait. As we start the New Year, it is always a time of new beginnings and goals. We hope that over these next few months you’ll commit to participating in one of our Love Challenges. Whether you do one we have already posted, or follow along with us over the next 5 months, we’d love to help you meet a goal of showing love to those around you, no matter where you are. What a great way to live out what you learn at camp!

This month, for our Love Challenge, we encourage you to memorize a scripture verse and then share it with a friend. Scripture memory has always been a big part of what we do at Greystone. Many of you remember Libby sitting on the Dining Hall porch, helping girls practice their scripture memory verses each day. Hiding God’s Word in your heart is such a wonderful way to have it close by when you need it.

Why memorize scripture as part of our Love Challenge? Our theme verse last summer says that love “always perseveres” (1 Cor. 13:6). What does perseverance have to do with love? Love is hard – it can be hard to love your siblings, your classmates, your parents, and (sometimes even at camp) some of your cabinmates. But God calls us to persevere in showing love, even when it is hard.

One way you can persevere in love is to have God’s Word in your mind, thinking about it, praying about it, saying it to yourself – it will help you to remember God’s promises and God’s instruction, even when it may be hard to show love to those around you.

So, jump in with us to learn a scripture verse this month; you can think on the verse throughout the month. Then, we’d love for you to share the verse with someone at some point as well – you can tell it to your parents, write it in a note to a friend, text it to a cabinmate – the possibilities are endless.

Need some good verses to start with? Check out this list of verses we passed out a few years ago at camp – you can find a verse that fits something you may need to remember right now.

Even better? Get some camp friends to memorize the same verse with you! Write a friend and see if she wants to do it with you, or send a group message to get lots of friends involved.

We hope you will hide God’s Word in your heart this New Year! Let us know what verse you are memorizing – tag us or comment below. See you next month!