Caroline Willis

Parsons School of Design & Eugene Lang College

5 Years as a Camper

1st Year on Staff

I will be a fresh high school graduate when I come to camp (I only graduate two days before!), but I can’t wait to be back at Greystone with friends and a community that I love! After the summer, I will be attending Parsons School of Design & Eugene Lang College in NYC!

Favorite Verse: Psalm 23

Personal Interests: Photography, reading, music, hiking

When I have an hour of free time, I like to… Read (I am doing a classics challenge this summer, starting with War and Peace!)

Best camp tradition? Rest Hour

Favorite Evening Program? Carnival!

Sing? Dance? Or both? Both! (I don’t promise that I am good at either, but I definitely will dance and sing to some good music!)

Item that I MUST bring to Camp with me: My Nalgene water bottle (covered in stickers of course)

Last book I read: Hamlet by Shakespeare

Hidden talent? I can name all the United States presidents in fifteen seconds!

If my life could have a theme song, it would be…. Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

The best thing about camp will be… Being back at one of my favorite places on Earth!