Caroline Linen's Top 5 Reasons to Ride Every Day

I am counting down the days until I get to come to my second home in the mountains! I can’t wait to see everyone at the barn!

The fabulous perks about every day riding at Camp Greystone:

  1. I switched into every day riding because I LOVE to be around horses and to ride them! You get many opportunities doing every other day riding, but riding consistently for five weeks has had a really positive outcome on my relationships with the horses and my instructors. I have had a newfound confidence in riding ever since I started riding at camp.
  2. Horses are awesome to be around constantly because they make you a better person in the long run. If you’re anything like me, you like to get everything perfectly right. I’ve learned that by getting upset over every little thing, I’m not focusing on the bigger picture of riding. With riding every day, you can fix your mistakes from the day or week(s) before by having a positive attitude, and having FUN in the ring! This will make the experience so much more enjoyable!
  3. What is my favorite memory or experience from last year? The very idea of a barn gets me excited! Greystone’s barn is unique because there is an air around it that radiates love for animals, care for riders, and making new friends. Many of my friends at Greystone came from having a mutual love for riding. I loved being apart of the show last year because everyone was so encouraging towards each other! Even if you were competing against the people in your group, there was never a feeling of negativity. It was always a feeling of sportsmanship towards one another. I have always had fun and safe experiences at the Greystone barn!
  4. What am I biting at the bit to do this summer? I can’t wait to go on the bonding trail ride again! Last year, I saw Greystone from a different perspective by riding along a trail facing the canoe dock and water park. Seeing the pageant court, the dining hall, and all the activities buzzing around gave me the sense that God was smiling down at all of us. Also, I’m looking forward to Derby Day this year because of all the fun I had last year!
  5. Do I have any goals for riding this year? I have many goals, including moving up to the next level! It is so rewarding when you work hard to achieve your goals! At home, I am on a riding team for my barn in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. The experiences and goals I set at Greystone make my riding better for IEA season. In the Fall, I’m hoping to get to the next level for IEA, and I know that Greystone will help me reach these goals!