The Original Thunderhead, Back Again!

Last year we rolled out a new lesson program, returning to traditional Hunt Seat Equitation and putting a focus on the fundamentals and basics. We were so proud of all our riders and the progress they made throughout their time at camp! During June and Main camp many girls competed in our horse show, which has been a long standing tradition at Greystone, and we were thrilled to have Libby Miller present the first ever Elizabeth Hanna Miller Horsemanship Trophy at the Main Camp Horse Show.

Last summer was beyond our wildest dreams, but you know what Jimboy always says: this summer is going to be the best summer ever!

What’s new this summer, you ask?

The Thunderhead program is back!

For many years, Greystone girls enjoyed the time honored tradition of overnights at Thunderhead. The Riding program would move some of the horses up to the Thunderhead property and the girls would enjoy trail rides, playing in the river, cook outs, and sleeping in the loft over their favorite camp horse. Thunderhead is an experience like none other that many alumnae still love to reminisce about today.

Catherine Hawkins Garner and Katie Miller Grant share their memories of leading their horses through the fields, playing in the water and telling stories in the loft while the horses munched on hay in the stalls below them. It was a time to get away from the routine of camp and enjoy the rustic living that always seems to follow horses. Katherine M. Robinson could not have described it better, “Modern day Greystone overnights are glamping - not camping. Back in the day, we had Thunderhead. Thunderhead was an old barn with a huge open hay loft…We mucked stalls, bathed the horses in the nearby stream, and collapsed at night in the hay loft sleeping above the stall of our favorite camp horse. I’ve never been so dirty and so happy in my entire life.”

At June and Main camp girls 5th grade and up can sign up for a Thunderhead Adventure! They will spend half of the day up at Thunderhead, caring for their favorite horse, trail riding on our beautiful mountain trails, playing in the river, and enjoying lunch by the campfire. For all of you everyday riders at Main camp we will be having a traditional Thunderhead overnight- complete with trail rides, romping in the river, s’mores, campfire tales, sleeping in the loft (hopefully it wont be too loud!) and waking up to breakfast over the open fire. Any time spent at Thunderhead is truly an experience to be cherished.