Camper Blog - 10 BEST Things About Camp

Camp is getting SO close! As I’m counting down the days, I can’t help but think about all the things I’m most excited for.

  1. Friends: The friends you meet at Greystone are lifelong besties and I cannot wait to see all my old friends and meet so many news ones!
  2. Food: If you think your mom’s cooking is good then you should get excited for camp food! Every meal is homemade and is amazing even when we eat corn dogs and cheese fries for breakfast.
  3. Staff: Camp wouldn’t be the same without the staff. Returning and new staff makes each summer better and makes every camper feel loved.
  4. The Greystone “Bubble:” Camp is a great place to grow in your faith especially since you don’t have social media to influence you in a negative way. Each morning, you wake up in the Greystone “bubble” and you feel as if you are in a perfect place, almost one with God. I can’t wait to grow in my faith this summer.
  5. Sunday Concerts: Surprise concerts on Sunday are a great treat! Look forward to singing your heart out and dancing on the pageant court with great music playing!
  6. Snail Mail: Honestly the best part of camp is not having your phone. A highlight of my day is getting mail from my family and friends. Then I write back telling them I’m not coming home and I want to live at camp forever.
  7. DMC’s: DMC = deep meaningful conversation. I look forward to the conversations to be had at camp this summer, whether on the dock, rocking chairs, porch or in the cabin. Each DMC creates bonds that I will never forget.
  8. Activities: With all the activities offered at camp, there is no way you would ever get bored! There is tennis, jump roping, synchronized swimming, dog camp, rock climbing and so many more! You never know what they might offer; one year I took hair braiding. Camp is the best place to try a new class and find new talents you never knew you had.
  9. Evening Programs: Get excited for game shows, cabin competitions, dance parties and some crazy Greystone talent during EPs, which are one of the best parts of the day.
  10. Jimboy: Jimboy is the heart behind camp. We start the day with his great breakfast club and then move to morning assembly where he might crowd surf. You might find his taking pictures but wherever he goes, he is followed by his two dogs.