Write a Real Letter - December Love Challenge

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Happy December Greystone girls! We have so many fun things planned for you this month as we count down the days until Christmas; we really can’t wait! In the meantime, let’s kick off the month with our December Love Challenge. This month, we’ve got an easy one for you…let’s take the time to send a handwritten note to someone from camp. I told you it was easy!

December can be a month full of lots of to-dos, exams, and busyness. It’s easy to go this whole month enjoying Christmas for yourself (which is great!) but without really thinking of ways to bless other people. From our theme verse this summer, 1 Corinthians 13:5 says that love is “not self-seeking”. What does this mean? It means that if you are showing love, you are not only thinking about yourself – you are also thinking about those around you, seeking their good instead of just your own.

So how can you show love to others this month? We encourage you to write a REAL note to a camp friend. Sit down with your stationery and pick a friend (or a few friends) from camp and write them a letter. Here are some ideas of things you could write:

  • Write out 12 of your favorite things about your camp friend – the top 12 reasons why you love her and are so glad she is your friend.
  • Take the letters of her name to write out characteristics you love about her. For example, if your friend’s name is Frances, you can say that the F in her name stands for “funny”, and the R stands for “really kind”, and keep going.
  • Relive a great memory you shared together, explaining why it meant so much to you. I am sure many camp memories come to mind!
  • Remind your friend about something you both learned this summer and why it is important. You can bring up a Morning Assembly devotion, a nightly devotion with your counselor, or even a Breakfast Club talk on an aspect of the four-fold philosophy.
  • Write a Bible Verse that means a lot to you that you want to share with your friend. You could even find a cute one to print out and stick in with your letter. We’ve got some great options on our Pinterest board.

Just a few ideas to get you started, but so many more things you could write this month. If you have a great idea of something to write to a camp friend, or if you’ve received a pretty awesome letter from a camp friend that would give others some good ideas, let us know below.

Happy kick-off to the Christmas season – we hope this month is filled with much love in your life!

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