Horses in the Snow

Ever wonder how we manage to keep both us and the horses warm in the winter?! It’s not an easy task when the barn is best suited for the summers, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves!

During the winter we go through roughly 3500 pounds of hay (crazy!) and we have to store it all here. Most of the horses are out in pastures so we fill up our outside stalls with hay to have some extra insulation. Then board up the front stalls and close the barn doors so the barn doesn’t get too drafty!

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When we get snow, everything gets a little more exciting. The horses can get chilly so to help them stay warm we go through even more hay! Most of the horses grow winter coats, so we don’t blanket them and they stay outside in their pastures- fully equiped with run-in sheds for shelter! Once they’re under cover and out of the wet snow they stay nice and warm!

Another challenge we have during the winter is keeping all the water buckets filled with water, not ICE! When the temps drop they are quick to freeze. Thankfully there is a solution, heated water buckets! They are a life saver for the paddocks and help us to know our horses will always have water.

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How do you keep your furry friends warm in the winter??

Let us know in the comments below!