Thanking Those Around You - November Love Challenge

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It’s the beginning of November – hard to believe! We are excited for another month of our Love Challenge, where we are encouraging you to live out our theme verse of Love at home throughout the year. This month, we want you to think about all of those people who work in jobs that make your life easier, and thank them for their hard work!

From our theme verse this summer, we learn that love “does not dishonor others” (1 Cor. 13:5), which means that if it doesn’t dishonor others, it must honor them instead. What does it mean to honor someone? Honoring someone means to show appreciation or respect for that person. What better way to show love to those around you than by giving them your sense of thankfulness and admiration for what they do?!

This month, we challenge you to honor those around you…those that work very hard, but may not get the thanks they deserve. Need some ideas? Here are a few to get you started:

  • Think about your mailman or mailwoman – have you ever said thank you? Put a special note or treat in your mailbox so that he/she knows you appreciate the daily work of delivering your mail.
  • What about your trash collectors? Think about writing a note or making a poster and attaching it to your trashcan, saying “thanks!”
  • I heard about a family who would leave curbside treats for their mail and trash folks throughout the year. When hot, they would leave a cooler of cold Gatorade or bottled waters. When cold, they would be a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee. A great idea!
  • Ever think about the janitors, cafeteria workers, or secretaries at your school? They all work hard to make your school run oh so well (reminds me of our Program Staff at camp – giving you the behind-the-scenes amazingness!). Think about writing them a note you send in the mail, or suggesting to your teacher that your class make a poster.
  • Many times the office staff at any given workplace rarely get thanked for their hard work. What if you took in a special treat for the front desk worker at your doctor’s office or for the bank teller where your parents go each week?

The list could go on and on! Have any more ideas of ways to show love to those who serve you behind the scenes? Comment below! Good luck with this month’s challenge – we hope you will join us in making love a part of your daily life at home. See you next month!