Fall Contest - Design Your Greystone Meal

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At Greystone, we take our food very seriously. You campers LOVE the camp food and rave about all the fun meals we have during the summer. It’s rare to find a camp with such fresh, varied, and delicious food - we are very lucky!

This fall, you have the opportunity to introduce a new meal to the Greystone rotation as you help to Design Your Own Greystone Meal! We aren’t kidding - you can choose a meal that will be served to everyone at your session this coming summer. Talk about being #campfamous - this is your chance!! And, best part? You can help make the meal along with Gervais, Alli, and the rest of the kitchen crew. What’s better than being an honorary Kitchen Staffer for the day?!

Here are all the details about Designing Your Own Meal:

  1. Fill out our contest form to submit your idea. You can submit your idea by yourself or with a group of friends.
  2. Please include your name, what session you will be attending in 2018, and details about your meal. You can submit just one part of the meal (i.e. the entree) or you can submit every part of the meal (i.e. main dish, sides, drinks, desserts).
  3. You must be coming to camp in 2018 to win the contest.

Deadling for submissions: January 5, 2018. Questions: E-mail sarah@campgreystone.com

Will we be having food that is all one color, some flavor inspiration from a different country or culture, or your grandma Edna’s famous pie? We can’t wait to find out! Good luck!!

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