Sarah's Friday Five

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It is hard to believe that it has been a month since camp…gosh, oh golly, this Brown family misses it so! Not a day goes by that Wyatt doesn’t ask about when we are going back or tells us a story about something he liked from camp this summer…makes us all ready for summer 2017!

As the seasons are beginning to change, and we are looking forward to some fall weather at camp, here are some things I am in to right now:

  1. I read all the time, so saying I love books would be a major understatement. I recently read and really enjoyed Sophie Hudson’s new book Giddy Up, Eunice. I also received an advance copy of Heather Brown’s new book Guarded by Christ – highly recommend this Greystone alum’s new book! We are also reading lots of books with Wyatt these days and are especially enjoying The BFG and pretty much any and all books by Mo Williams, such as I’m a Frog and The Pigeon Wants a Puppy.

  2. We love to build fires in our backyard as the weather gets cooler, and these marshmallow sticks are pretty ridiculous (I mean, can’t you just use a stick?) but also pretty awesome if you’re looking to be all glamping-style on the s’mores front.

  3. Thanks to a recommendation from Ellen-Anne, I’ve been jamming to the Oh Hellos pretty regularly while working, cooking, keeping kids alive, riding in the car, etc. Their Pandora station (is saying I listen to Pandora totally making me seem old?!) is on point.

  4. I’ve been trying to be more intentional to pray specifically for friends, family, and work stuff this year, and read this really cool article about making a prayer notebook (see the end of the article). I’m trying it out, and so far, really enjoying it. Not necessary to do something so elaborate, but even if you didn’t make a full notebook, might be fun to do a prayer page with pictures and specific requests for your camp friends? You could hang it in your room!

  5. The church we have attended, have loved, and have been members of for years has just planted a new church in our town, and Tim Udouj (our old camp minister) is taking the helm at this new church plant. We’re so excited for Tim and have loved the first few weeks of meeting as a new church. So yes, I’m into my church!

Would love to know what you’re into these days…or what I should be into if you think these things are super lame. Comment below!