Hay, It's Vacation Time!

After the last session of camp ends and all the girls head home, the horses can start their vacation!

The first thing the horses do is get their shoes removed so that their feet can have a good long rest. After coming into the barn to get their breakfast of sweet feed, they enjoy their first day of grazing together out in the back field. Shamrock chose to take a nap in the run in shed instead!

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The camp pasture land gets a rest during the Fall and Winter too. Shortly after camp ends, most of the horses go to their winter home on Crabapple Lane. They spend the winter enjoying the green hills and drinking from the brook. If you visited Crabapple Lane, you might catch the two fjord ponies, Dolly and Ella, grazing side by side!

Or maybe Phantom hiding out in the tunnel of rhododendron trees!

The horses that don’t head to Crabapple Lane for the winter months get camp all to themselves. Older horses like Gari and Bro stay so that we can keep a close eye on them them and make sure they’re pampered and healthy. Some of the more advanced lesson horses like JJ, Opus, Chuck, and Finn also stay at camp. This allows for them to continue to be ridden so that they don’t lose their competitive edge. Finn likes to use his down time to go swimming!

When spring rolls around again, all of the horses are brought back to camp to have new shoes put on and get in shape for the summer. But for now, they’re enjoying a well deserved break!

Who was your favorite camp horse this summer? Let us know in the comments!