The Middle

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The middle week of Main Camp is a mix of emotions. As a cabin counselor, the middle week of camp is a special one, as the cabin is closer than ever before. The girls know each other well, they help each other do their jobs, and they laugh and laugh and laugh together. The middle week allows many opportunities for a cabin to bond. Our evening programs are cabin-centered and fun, such as Cabin Night and Corn Roast, when we celebrate each other and camp.

The middle week is a rewarding week for girls. For some girls it is rewarding because they have just passed a level they’ve been working hard on. For others, the middle week can be seen as a huge accomplishment for a camper who was unsure about camp or started the session off a little homesick. The middle week is just as rewarding for the counselors. For me particularly, this middle week of camp is special because I can see how the girls in my cabin have grown. For example, this week my campers decided they wanted to share mini-devotions with each other. Without any prompting from me, my campers each volunteered to share and prepared their devotion material from the heart. What a sweet, sweet thing. To me, this is evidence of how the Lord works at camp. We are halfway through the summer, and my precious campers are filled with confidence and boldness because of the truth they have learned at camp. Being able to see the Lord mold my campers’ hearts is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job.

The middle week at camp is also a poignant one as the girls (and the staff) start to realize that the first few weeks of camp have flown by, and the last few weeks will go by even quicker. This realization that becomes apparent during the middle week of camp prompts the girls to savor every moment of camp that they have left, giving each activity, meal, conversation and interaction a feeling of intentionality and purposefulness.

The middle week is a great one. We are all happy, thankful and tired (in the best way.) It’s crazy to think how fast the past weeks have gone by, and I’m sure the next half of the summer will be filled with as many fun and sweet memories as the first half.