Katie's Friday Five: Christmas Traditions

1. Family gatherings!

With family in Chattanooga and here at camp, our Christmas season is filled with wonderful family gatherings! First we go to our family in Tennessee and celebrate Christmas with our children and granddaughter there with a feast and presents for all. The next night, we gather with the extended Grant family for dinner, catching up on the changes from year to year. Later in the week comes the Miller Christmas at Grey Gables, Libby’s house. All the grandchildren pose for a yearly picture before opening gifts from “Grandmother”, and we all enjoy great food! As you would expect, the gift exchange is always lively and entertaining!!

2. Christmas Cards

The Christmas Cards that arrive daily in the mail always delight my mother and me! Mama sits in her chair by the window, and opens cards, exclaiming with delight at the pictures of camp family and friends. It is a highlight of our day during the Christmas season!

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3. Cookies and Carols

Most of you know that I love to cook!! Many of my Christmas season days are filled with cooking, Christmas songs playing in the background! I have several favorite Pandora stations that I play depending on the mood of the day: Michael Buble Holiday Radio, Christmas Jazz Radio, Pentatonix Holiday Radio, and (for the classics) Andrea Bocelli Holiday Radio.

Traditional recipes from our family include Mama’s Sugar Cookies, rolled thin, cooked crispy and expertly decorated by Hanna Kate & Elizabeth with buttercream icing, my Nana’s (JimDaddy’s mother) Pecan Roll cookies, JimDaddy’s Egg Nog (it always adds to the “Spirit” of the season!), and my Bold & Spicy Ultimate Chex Mix.

4. Favorite Decorations

Transforming the house each year always lifts my holiday spirit! Here are a few of our traditional decorations collected throughout the years: Mama’s Creche that she bought as a college student in Europe, my Nutcracker & Smoker’s collected throughout the years, and ornaments on the tree the children have made in school. They all bring back fond memories!

5. The Christ Child Book

Christmas would not be the same each year without our family reading of this cherished book on Christmas Day. It reminds us of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, bringing our focus to the true meaning of Christmas!