Nurse Jamie's Friday Five

I truly cannot believe that it’s already November! Fall in Kentucky is flying by, but I am already counting down the minutes until camp starts back up! Here are a few things that I have been enjoying lately.

1. Time with my family.

I have six brothers and sisters and I love spending time with them and all of their children! And by time with family I OF COURSE love spending time with my husband and girls as well!

2. My dogs.

We have two dogs at our house and afternoons cuddling with them are sure hard to beat. Iggy is a 3 year old English/French mixed bulldog and Winnie is Hilary’s 2 year old English bulldog. They are my favorite snuggle buddies!

3. Cooking!

Those who know me best know I love spending time in the kitchen. I am currently on a big soup kick, but baking will always be my one true love.

4. Gilmore Girls!

Hilary and I have been trying to watch an episode a day to gear up for the revival episodes. It is such a sweet show and we love spending that time together.

5. Time in Hendersonville!

We love spending long weekends and breaks at our home in Hendersonville. Not only do we get to be close to camp, but we get to be way closer to our daughter Hannah who is in college at Western Carolina. We miss her so!

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