Name that Horse! (and kitten)

We need your help!

Over the past few months, we have acquired a few new members here at the Greystone Barn. The only problem is that we need to change their names.

With the help of some campers and staff we have narrowed down our choices, but it’s just too hard to decide. So, we need your help!!

Fill out the survey at the bottom of the page to give us your input! Once the results are in we will do a drawing for some Greystone Barn “goodies.” To qualify for the drawing you have to have chosen at least two of the winning names. We can’t wait to see what y’all choose!!

First off we have Captain Jacks and he is jumping for joy because he gets to be in the advanced beginner and intermediate girls ring this summer! He is a rockstar over fences and has already stolen Lisa’s heart. As most of you riders know we already have an appaloosa named Jax, I can only imagine how confusing that would get this summer and since Jax was here first… Captain Jacks needs a name change.

Next up is Ebay. Not too sure why her name is Ebay but we think she deserves something a bit more feminine! She will be used for the Apple Hill trail riding program and although she is new to the western would she seems quite pleased with it! Although I don’t think she will be too pleased when she has to move up to the Apple Hill barn and leave her new best friend Finn. They have been stuck like glue since they met!

Finally we have this cute little girl who was found on the road near camp. Poor thing - at first we thought she was a boy so we named her Oscar. Now that obviously doesn’t quite fit! What do you think?

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