MeMe's Friday Five

Hi guys, MeMe here! My paws aren’t the best at typing but I wanted to jump on the Friday Five train.

1. Jimboy

Master will forever be my #1. I follow him everywhere. I sleep by his feet in the office and get SO excited whenever he wants to walk around camp. I keep sending Dr. Margaret signals that I should be the one sitting next to him on the couch but she hasn’t caught on yet.

2. Quiet Time

I’m an introverted pooch, and after a big summer of petting, I’m pretty ready for some alone time come Fall. This time of year, Murray and Ben pretty much entertain each other which gives me time to take a sigh of relief and some much needed Me(Me) time. I’m not much of a reader, but I’ve heard good things about this book if you’re an introvert too! Sometimes a girl just needs a break.

3. So many dogs!

Usually I’m pretty outnumbered at this place, but for once this summer there were more dogs than people! The Main campers broke the Guiness World Record (I’m told it’s a big deal) for the number of people dressed as dogs in one place. While none of them had my fine fur, they looked pretty good. If only it had lasted…

4. Cycle Dog Collars

By the way I prance, you can tell I’m always well dressed, but I’m especially loving my new collar. The Cycle Dog Company is super eco friendly - they make all of their collars out of recycled bike tires! They make all kinds of stuff for your dog, and it all comes in cool prints. It would be a great holiday gift for the pet in your life, take it from me, I’m picky.

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5. Fall Leaves

I’ll never turn my snout up at a walk with Jimboy, but this time of year our walks are the BEST. I love trotting ahead and bounding through the crunchy leaves before anyone else gets to them.

Life as a camp dog is pretty swell.