E's Friday Five

1. Lulu

I mean why wouldn’t she be my #1?! Most of my time these days is spent with this girl right here. She is an eight year old GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer!) and is the best thing since sliced bread. She enjoys fishing in the creek by the barn, killing rats, sun bathing, and cuddling with Oscar the cat.


I can’t even tell y’all how excited I am to be going to Italy in just one short week. My brother has been in Afghanistan for the past six months and we have missed him like crazy. So, why not meet him in Italy. Right..? My parents, six of the cousins, and I decided to make the trip and it has taken over my brain this fall!

3. Kittens!!

As many of you know, this summer the barn became the new home to two little kittens, Rascal and Moose. Well, we got another one. Ellen Anne, Alli, and Caroline were running on the lake road and found this little girl hiding behind a trash can. She has got to be the toughest thing I have ever seen! At first we thought she was a boy, so we named her Oscar, like the character in Sesame Street that lived in the trash can. Now that we know she’s a girl… I still call her Oscar and Stacy calls her Mayer.

4. Mornings with Nancy

Man oh man what would I do without Nancy. Monday-Friday we meet in the workout room at 7:00 for 45 minute (on a good day!). I’m usually late and she’s always on time. I love it becuase having an accountability partner encourages me to get up and start my day out right. Even when we hardly workout I get to work feeling better and more energized.

5. Socks

My feet get SO cold in the winter so a good pair of socks are a must. I love skiing and we ride horses throughout the winter - you can imagine how much it would ruin your day when all you can think about are how cold your feet are! Smartwool socks are by far some of my favorites. They are breathable, help with circulation, and are thin enough you wont need to go up a shoe size. They are a MUST for me!