Alli's Friday Five

1. The Cronut

My husband and I just returned from a fantastic trip to New York City! Like true New Yorkers we waited in line for an hour at Dominique Ansel’s bakery to buy a Cronut—a half croissant, half donut pastry. It was well worth the wait, and we got to enjoy it with Greystone’s own Mary Ellen Stebbins Slutskiy and Maddie Dugan!

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2. Board Games

I do enjoy a good game of Phase 10, Monopoly, Rummikub, Jenga, and many card games. It’s a great opportunity to be with your friends and to let your competitive side come out! I apparently missed the boat a long time ago and just learned to play Settlers of Catan and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to play again.

3. The Fall

When I think of the Fall, I think of soup, colorful leaves in the trees and strewn on the ground, college football, cool weather, scarves, puffy vests, apple cider, home decor, Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, and campfires. I can find no fault in this great season!

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4. Banana Bread

I love eating camp’s Sweet Georgia Muffins throughout the summer, but they do not compare to my mom’s banana bread (sorry, Gervais). When I was growing up, my mom mostly made it around the holiday season, so once the fall hits, I start dreaming of this recipe that came from an old cajun cookbook.

5. My Job!

I am so thankful to be working at camp every day! Jimboy, Catherine, Ellen-Anne, Caroline, Nancy, Jessi, Diane, and Lell are a great group of people to spend my day with. The camaraderie is amazing—we bounce random ideas off each other, enjoy running together, and have office lunch dates. I also see Elizabeth, Heidi, Stacy, and Lisa when they sneak away from the barn and the maintenance crew as they’re making sure camp looks great. I love working with Katie, Kelly, Smith, and the rest of the Head Staff to plan for Summer 2017. It’s incredible to watch ideas turn from brainstorms to actual plans. And getting a sneak peek at the improvements and surprises that are in store for the campers is such a treat!