5 Things Your Counselor Wants You to Know

Dear Campers,

It’s the middle of October. Football season is well under way, temperatures are cooling off and the leaves are changing colors into glorious red, yellow and orange. At this point in the year, you all are adjusted to your school schedule. You are in a routine. You all study, play sports, make time to hang with your friends, go to church and do anything else the week requires.

Summer is officially over, which can feel a bit sad. Sure, Fall and all that it brings is exciting, but sometimes your hearts may long for the fun and safety you felt when you were at camp during summer. The lessons you learned there, the memories that you made, the goals you achieved, resonate with you. Although it is easy to be homesick for camp and the weeks you spent there laughing, loving and growing, you can still carry camp with you at home.

Here’s how you can keep the Spirit of Greystone alive at home

  1. Write a camp friend a letter. You loved nothing more than to receive letters from family and friends during your time at Greystone, so why not keep the fun going and send mail to some of your camp friends! Pull out your green and gold book and write a few letters. Snail mail is better than texting, I promise.

  2. Spend some time with God. The reason we all love Greystone so much is because we feel God’s presence there. At camp it is easy to focus on God as we are in the midst of his wonderful and beautiful creation. The cool thing is, God is wherever we may go! He is just as present at home with you as He is at camp. Next time you notice the fall leaves, thank God for them. Read some devotions on the Camp Greystone website, or maybe spend some time praying for your friends from camp.

  3. Practice growing in the 4-fold way at home. Run stumblers with your friends or family at home (physical), smile at a kid in your grade you’ve never met (social), memorize a bible verse (spiritual), and study a little harder for that next test at school (mental).

  4. Practice living out the fruit of the spirit. This Summer at Greystone we learned about the fruit of spirit and how when we are following God, we are able to produce the fruit of the spirit. Try focusing on a fruit of the spirit each week and thinking of ways you can glorify God and practice living out that particular fruit.

  5. Be Yourself. One of the greatest parts about being at Greystone is the freedom to just be yourself. It is so amazing to spend each day not worrying about what other people think of you. You can do this at home, too! You are so extremely loved by God, and because of that love, you are free to be yourself. You are beautiful inside and out, and God wants you to live a rich and full life at Greystone and at home!

I love each of you. You are each special and filled with so much talent and goodness. Christ shines in each of you, and it is my prayer that He will continue to fill your hearts and your lives.

All my love,

Your counselor

By: Macie Hatmaker