First Snow

Yesterday afternoon it snowed very hard for about two hours. There is nothing like snow to make camp feel magical… like a different world. I took a few photos as I enjoyed a walk with the dogs.

The first thing you notice is the sound (or more accurately the lack of sound). The snow muffles everything, making camp absolutely silent and absolutely lovely. Sound is an important part of the experience of a place like this, the sound of silence is really special during a snow storm.

The second thing you notice is the way the snow sticks. Some snows stick to everything (the trees, the tether balls, the ivy, the sides of the buildings). Some snows just pile up nice and fluffy on the ground. This snow was one of the “sticky” ones! That kind is the most pretty!

The third thing you notice is the ice (yuck). Ice is really tricky… often it lurks just under the fluffy coating of snow. When you step on an icy patch it is very easy to fall. When you drive on an icy patch it is very easy to crash. We don’t like ice! This makes us a bit fearful of the weather forecast tonight (freezing rain and sleet turning to snow tomorrow morning).

So we are anticipating our first BIG storm just after our first little snow, and we can’t wait. Break out the sleds, it is going to be a big weekend!