I will focus on just two things with this update: The Barn and the grass. To give you a full update on EVERYTHING would be just too confusing, so we will give you the updates in small bites that are easier to describe.

The Barn has had A LOT of work done since camp ended. Lisa Maybin, the new riding director, is very excited about the impact these changes will have on the program. She is gradually adding to her team, the first hire being Elizabeth Warrington (my Niece, you will remember her as the Department Head of Ceramics this year). Elizabeth will be an instructor next summer, helping in the barn full time this winter. Lisa has also gotten several crews to do work on the barn, this work will be completed in the next few weeks and include:

  • A new shelter for the horses in the big pasture next to the big barn complex at the edge of camp.
  • An empoundment pond located next to the barn parking lot. This pond will capture all the water off the barn roof and parking lot and give it a place to “clean up” before it enters the lake. We planted water plants in this pond that will effectively clean the water off the road and pasture and will make it really pretty too!
  • New storage “nooks” in the main barn
  • New Barn Doors and siding on the South wall.
  • Freshly painted apartment, office, meeting space, and staff house.

Stay tuned… lots of new information on the riding program will soon be published!

The Grass continues to grow nicely! It has been two weeks since we planted thousands of pounds of grass seed and the first shoots are now clearly seen all over the place. Our days are still warm (it is 80 degrees almost every day) but the nights are cool (low 60’s)… this is perfect weather for growing a strong stand of grass. By the time it gets cold, the new grass will be tall and strong (able to survive a long cold winter).

Mushrooms are a funny “side story” to camp this time of year. “Fungi” are sprouting in unexpected places all over the place (on the lawn, in the mulch outside of the tentalows, along the path to the council fire ring, and even on the sides of trees). These mushrooms appear and quickly go away for another year. I am surprised at how many live at camp!

Electric Wiring in Cabins is going on as well… we will be done with the Tentalows this week and will start on the bungalows next. The tentalows are the hardest part of this job, we will be very excited to finish it up!

Bigger Fans for Cabins were a big subject matter in your suggestions from the summer. We don’t know what the solution to this will be but are starting our research now! More to come later!!!

Have a great weekend Greystone Girls!