Exciting Happenings at Camp

It is such an exciting time to be working at camp…and a VERY exciting time to be a camper at Greystone.

This time of year, we all get asked, “what do you do right now?” Great question, so wanted to let you in on the insider scoop of life at camp in September.

Just this week, we have been:
• Finalizing different layouts and pages for our brand NEW website that is coming out next month. We cannot wait for you to see this project that has been a year in the making.

• Reading through the survey results from all of our sessions and deciding what things we will do in 2016. It’s been fun to see how many people suggest the same things across sessions – we have some REALLY fun things in store…some new programs, updates to facilities, and exciting events already in the works.

• Gearing up for hiring our 2016 staff. When you have a staff like ours, it is a FULL YEAR project to get these great people hired. Ellen-Anne and Catherine are doing so much behind the scenes work to get ready for the hiring process, which starts in just a few short weeks.

• Talking through many different things we will be sending in the mail. We love sending real mail (“so camp”, right?) and everyone is pitching in to write articles and come up with fun ideas. We are already talking Christmas – can you believe it?!

• Carrying thankfulness into our year-round camp work. Jimboy started a new tradition at our weekly meetings where all of us have to go around and say something we are thankful for – I love that we start each meeting with this simple camp lesson that we talk about throughout the summer.

• Working and planning down at the barn – I know Jimboy mentioned in his last blog post that we have had some big changes down at the barn (we cannot wait to tell you all about them; more information coming next month in the Sparks). I think someone from the Head Staff is down at the barn almost every day because it is just so fun to be there – the energy from the barn is exciting all of us!

• Cleaning and construction in the lower office – many of you have probably never even been down to the Group Leader area of the office, but it is a central hub of work during the summer. It is getting a HUGE overhaul right now. When cleaning, we have found so many fun things that remind us of the summer – flowers from birthday ball, cheerleading skirts from Main camp, banquet scripts, and more. Each drawer we pack is a walk down memory lane!

All of this work is just one step closer to summer 2016 – it starts in September and goes all the way until you arrive in the summer. We can’t wait to reveal more of what is going on over the next few months…we have so many fun things in store!