The "What If" Video Contest!

We are so excited about the new video contest we will be running through the winter - the What If video contest! Last year, we loved the Greystone Dream contest, and were so very impressed with the videos you submitted. We are expecting great things from your submissions this year!

We told you about the What If contest in the Sparks, but wanted to make sure everyone knew what to do to submit your video. Don’t forget, the deadline for submitting a video is January 8, 2016. If you are hoping to submit a video with your camp friends, make sure you are thinking about when you will see them over the holidays so that you can make one together!

Here is what you need to do to submit a video:

  1. Submit a video that is no more than 2 minutes long.
  2. In the video, tell us your “What if…” scenario - what you would like to have happen at camp this summer. You need to say your name, the number of years you’ve been at Greystone, and then tell us about your “What If…” scenario - what it would be, what all it would entail, and why you should be the winner of the contest.
  3. You can submit a video by yourself, or with a group of friends. If it is with a group of people, you ALL need to have the same “What If…” scenario, and you will all help to pull it off.
  4. You must be coming to camp in 2016 to win your “What If…” scenario. This can be either campers or counselors!
  5. In telling us your “What If…” scenario, creativity is key! Anything goes, as long as it is Greystone appropriate.
  6. Email your completed video to
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Junecamp 00569.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

We cannot wait to see what you come up with! Will Laura be blobbing? Will we all have a Mexican fiesta complete with costumes? Will Jimboy wear some crazy new costumes? Only you can tell us - submit your “What If” video today!