The New Website

No other experience compares to a summer at Greystone, yet most people do not understand what we do. Camp is not something that is understood these days. Most parents did not go to camp when they were children. Almost every camper first comes to camp because a friend told her that it was fun (a good reason to come to camp) not because she knew exactly how great camp would be. Once here, we quickly grow to understand how amazing camp is… but as a camp director I want more! I want new campers to “get it” from the moment they sign up. I want parents to “get it”, even though they never did camp.

How do we “tell the story” of Greystone in the most effective manner?

  • Photos help… we took about 200,000 photographs last summer to “share” the camp experience. We hire professional photographers, assign photo duty to skilled counselors, the directors take photos, and we experiment with new photographic techniques (like drones).
  • Videos help… this year we hired a full time videographer (Leland Hollowell) who not only had video skills but knew camp inside and out (she has been at camp for about 20 years). We now have the capacity to do a lot of videos to tell the inside story about camp (events, cabin life, counselor life, food, activities).
  • Blogs help… Most of the directors blog at Greystone, this helps give insights for lots of different perspectives on what is going on at camp.
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The Website Ties It All Together! A great website will tell the story of camp in an effective manner. Our website has always done a good job of this but not a great job. It was hard to update photographs, insert videos, change text, and add content. Our website was designed more than ten years ago and website technology has changed a lot since then! In order to give us the ultimate communication tool we had to make a brand new website. Check it out, we think you will LOVE IT!!!

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We’re not done! The Alumnae section is just a skeleton at this point (lots more work to do). The Devotions section has not yet been built. We have LOTS of videos to roll out (we do these as surprises) and LOTS of blogs to write. It is going to be fun making the website better, let us know what you think (comments are much easier to post now)!