Win Your Greystone Dream!

Did you guys see the announcement in our most recent Sparks about the coolest contest we have ever done?!

This year, we are doing our first ever video contest, and the winner of the contest has the chance to Win Your Greystone Dream!

What is a Greystone Dream? Well, that is completely up to you! Your dream may be to be Jimboy for the day, lay out at Putt Cove all morning, sleep up at the Miller’s house in the air conditioning…it is whatever you can image to make it YOUR Greystone Dream.

Here are the details for entering our Greystone Dream video contest:
1. Submit a video that is no more than 2 minutes long.
2. In the video, you will be telling us why you should win your Greystone Dream. You need to say your name, the number of years you’ve been at Greystone, and then tell us about your Greystone dream – what it is and why you should be the winner of the contest.
3. You can submit a video by yourself, or with a group of friends. If it is with a group of people, you all need to have the same Greystone dream, and all will qualify for the prize this summer.
4. You must be coming to camp in 2015 to win the prize; this can be either campers or counselors.
5. In telling us why you should win your Greystone dream, creativity is key! Anything goes…as long as it is Greystone appropriate.
6. E-mail your completed video to

The submission deadline is January 9, 2015…so get filming!! We can’t wait to see your video creations.