Working at Greystone

Working at Greystone


Working at camp allows you to live out what Jesus calls us to – the role of a servant. We serve the campers on a daily basis, out of humility, as we meet their needs. By teaching an activity with a smile on your face or sweeping the floor after a meal, you provide an environment where campers can thrive and learn more about Jesus. Our counselors learn that being the least of these is really a position of greatness.


Opportunities abound for growth. Counselors grow spiritually, fellowshipping with Christian counselors from all over the country. You will also gain many new skills, as you learn to lead children and work with many different types of people. Camp is a wonderful place to gain a better-defined sense of who you are and where you’re going in life. The close relationships formed with campers and other staff will last a lifetime.


Managing a group of campers in an activity area, at your table, or in a cabin allows you to develop your leadership potential. You will gain communication and people skills, while also serving as a role model for young girls (one of the toughest jobs you will ever love!) You develop skills as a leader, supervisor, confidant, co-worker, team player and mentor.


Working at camp is just plain fun! Our campers love our counselors, giving them hugs all day long. Surrounded by a beautiful lake and mountain views, you can experience some really fun activities – the blob, climbing wall, riflery, basketball, arts & crafts…all while getting paid! Our counselors describe camp as the most fun (and hardest) job they have ever had.