Great Day Sponsors

A very special thanks to the following individuals, families, and groups who graciously donated to the Great Day Fund in 2014! If you would like to support the Fund, please visit our Donation Options page to learn how.

Great Day Fund named endowment


Great Day Counsel


Ding How Sponsors


Daniel and Adair Sturdivant Bard    

Bless This Camp Sponsors


The Ashmore Foundation Andy and Elizabeth Green Ausband Mary Katherine Bradley
Camp Greystone Jean Hooper Crook Jimmy and Ashley Brinson Cusack
Theo and Kim Lafferty Etzel The Greystone Store Julie Mallet Photography
Katherine Urevig

Pines So Bold Sponsors


Fran Crook Gervais and Laura Green Hollowell Dale Leftwich Lane
Mackenzie Morris Laura Meherg Teel Triangle Community Foundation (Rand/Hager Family)

Happy Am I Sponsors


Jeanne Ashmore Brian and Elizabeth Wilson Betz Angela Bredeman
Camp Katie Kelly Carew Dean and Catherine McLaughlin Castaldo
John and Katie Davidson Chastain Brian and Jennifer Holmes Cilker Ann Denson
Mary Allen Edgerton Emily Edmondson Peter Elbaum
Joanie Johnson Erbskorn Jane Finney Caroline Giraud
Anne Elizabeth Goodgame Mary L. Green Keith and Elizabeth McLaughlin Hope
Emily “Smith” Houts Mark and Liz Jones Mabel’s Labels
John and Duggan Childers Lansing Fred and Laura Sisk Luquire Catherine Miller
Worth Morrisette Name Bubbles Charlie and Heidi Strub Nelson
Frank and Katherine Mahon Robinson Mary Ellen Stebbins Jim and Eleanor Griffin Stoker
Matt and Alyson Lee Stone Katherine “Hannie” Hanemann Wade Jerry and Kristy Kessler Walters
Elizabeth Warrington Caroline Wheeler David and Beth Vining

Smile, Smile Sponsors


Caroline Albert Mary Wade Ballou Cammy Bethea
Megan Bland Meredith Botes Sarah Bowron
Jean Broadhurst Bennett Browne Jen Bryson
Caroline Bullock Lauren Burton Ian Butts
Blaine and Annemieke Childers Sheldon Clark Laney Coker
Emily Colvin Abby Cote Jeff and Smitty Clay
Carson Creasy Alison Creighton Kate Cunningham
Abbey Dale Bob and Jana Daley M/M Daniel B. Douglass
Katie Ferguson Riggs and Becky Goodman Porter Grant
Amy Green Lindsey Hardegree Annika Hillerbrand
Meredith Hull Jack Oliver Courtney Koenig
Emily Lange Shelby Martin Chandler Massey
Anne Matthews J.F. Miller Kendall Moore
Betty Mosley Cody Nall Sarah Nathanson
Wesley Newson Martha Nixon Ashley O’Cain
Hannah Pate Elizabeth Patton Caroline Penland
Blythe Reynolds Mary Hamilton Reynolds Leah Rhoads
John and Mary Drew Rogers Keelin Rooney Lilli Serral
Caroline Shaub Emily Shirer Ladson Simmons
Claudia Styslinger Ansley Thomas Teddi Thomas
Kate Thomson Lydia Turbeville London Vaughn
Rachel Vining Whittaker Warrington Katie Wegener
Adam White Winslow Whitehurst Maggie Wilkinson
Elizabeth Wood Marguerite Zabriskie Austen Zoutwelle