Cabin Requests & Assignments

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Cabin Requests

We encourage campers to attend without concern for cabin requests, but we will make every effort to place your daughter with ONE special requested friend, IF that friend also requests her.

Please understand that clear communication with your requested friend is very important. If you do not think it best to be with a camper who is requesting your daughter, be honest with the other parents involved. Such difficult conversations are easier before camp. We cannot keep cabin requests confidential.

We place girls in the cabin with other campers in their same grade. If space requires us to have a mixed cabin (one with two grades in it) we will consider double requests from girls who are one grade apart only.

If your girls are twins, please let us know if they want to be in the same cabin.

Returning Campers… Please do not assume that we know your request already!

If you have questions about cabin requests, please contact:

  • Junior Camp
    Katie Miller Grant
  • June, Main and August Camps
    Laura Hollowell

If you have a cabin request, fill out the Cabin Request form (available online in the spring). It is fine to not request anyone… meeting new people is the best part of camp!

Cabin assignments are revealed on Opening Day (not before).

Bunk Assignments

New for 2017: To help make Opening Day the best possible experience, we will be assigning bunks at Junior and August Camps this summer. You will find out your bunk assignment when you arrive at your cabin on Opening Day. We cannot accommodate bunk requests, and you may not switch bunks.

At June and Main Camps, campers will be able to choose their bunk when they arrive to their cabin on Opening Day. We do not allow bunk saving.