Health Care

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We have one of the most impressive Health Care staffs anywhere, with full time nurses and doctors on site and on call 24 hours a day in a well furnished up to date facility.

We hope that your daughter will never need to experience our Health Hut, but if she needs us we are here to help her get back on her feet! We are committed to calling you if there is ever an issue that affects your daughter’s camp experience. This would include the following circumstances:

  • If your camper needs to spend the night at the Health Hut
  • If your camper needs prescription medication
  • If your camper needs to visit a doctor in town, get x-rays, or lab work
  • If your camper’s schedule must be changed due to an illness or injury

Calling the Health Hut: Should you ever have questions regarding your daughter’s health, please call us directly at the Health Hut: 828-693-9841

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Medical Care

Greystone has up to 6 registered nurses, a 24 hour a day resident doctor, and a full time pediatrician (Dr. Margaret) to care for your daughter’s needs. Should an accident or illness be untreatable at our camp, we have arrangements for professional service in both Hendersonville, NC, and Greenville, SC. Every effort will be made to contact parents before treatment is administered.

Prior to Opening Day, please contact us to discuss any health concerns. For your daughter’s sake, as well as the health of other campers, please do not bring her to camp if she has had a fever or other illness within 24 hours of Opening Day. Please call us to discuss this with us.

Health Forms

Please be sure that we have your daughter’s Online Health Form on file by May 1st (these will be available in the spring)! If there are changes to your daughter’s health condition after submitting your form, contact the office and we will update her records.


Campers are not allowed to keep ANY medication in their cabin. Medications brought to camp will be stored and administered by a nurse at the Health Hut. Please bring all medications to Pill Hill at the Health Hut on Opening Day.

  • Rx medications: Must be in original labeled bottles or accompanied by a Dr.’s Rx or Dr.’s order with instructions for administration.
  • Over the Counter Medications: There is no need to bring OTC medicines to camp as we have these at the Health Hut and will administer to your camper if she needs them. If you do choose to send personal OTC medicines to camp, they will be kept at the Health Hut and need to be checked in at Pill Hill on Opening Day.
  • Vitamins/Supplements: Will be administered to your camper ONLY if accompanied by a Dr.’s Rx or Dr.’s order. These should also be brought to camp in original labeled containers.
  • Emergency Medications: If you daughter needs to keep a medication with her such as a rescue inhaler for Asthma or an Epi-pen for severe allergic reactions, please check in with a nurse at Pill Hill on Opening Day. Please check the expiration dates on these before bringing to camp.

Please note: Because we have a very structured schedule, children who are on medication for ADD/ADHD often have a better camp experience if they stay on their medication while at camp.

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All campers will have their heads checked for lice on Opening Day. If a camper comes to camp with lice, we will arrange for professional care. Parents will be responsible for the cost of treatment.

Food Allergies

Greystone encourages our campers to try many different foods that they may not eat at home, and we are successful because they are surrounded by encouraging friends and staff. Between the fruit & salad bars and main courses, we offer plenty of options for sensitive eaters and vegetarians, as well as those with food allergies. We ensure there is an alternative for each of the “Big 8” major food allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy) served at each meal. We are a peanut-free camp.

To prepare these dishes, we follow the FDA guidelines and check all ingredient labels to be aware of which products contain those major allergens. As the advisory labels are not required, we do not abide by “May Contain” or “Processed in a facility” labels. If your daughter has a gluten allergy, she may be served ingredients that were “processed in a facility that also processes gluten.” If you would like to read more about the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, click here to visit the FDA’s website.

Eating Concerns and Disorders

Campers sometimes arrive at camp with eating issues. Focusing on “control” of food and diet in the camp atmosphere is frustrating and can be harmful. Should a camper exhibit any signs of an eating disorder, we will contact you immediately and make arrangements for her to go home. If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Miller (

Professional Counseling

There are some situations that we are not qualified to handle. In such cases we will call you for permission to take your daughter to a professional counselor.