Alumna Heather Brown Holleman & Her New Book

You guys…I have a great book to tell you about, but first, let me preface by telling you about one of our Greystone alumna and her connection to camp.

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Heather at camp

Heather Brown Holleman was a counselor back in the early 90’s and a true Greystone great. When Heather moved into the Group Leader role, she made some big changes around camp. Do you love Morning Assembly? Well, you have Heather to thank for its current format. It may be hard to imagine, but back in the day, we didn’t sing any fast songs at camp and had no diving into the pit. Heather decided Morning Assembly needed a face-lift, and starting with songs like Big House, she changed the whole way we do Morning Assembly – it was fun! Campers loved it! And…we still love the same format today.

Another Heather-thing at camp…the Grey Café. Ever wonder why we have a building called White Hall but everyone always refers to it as the Grey Café? Well, when Heather was a Group Leader, she made up this cool coffeehouse Group Night in White Hall, filled with Frapaccinos and cool activities…which started the whole “coffeehouse” feel in White Hall, which eventually dubbed it the name “The Grey Café.” Cool camp history, huh?

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Current campers and counselors probably recognize Heather’s name for a few reasons…each of our cabins gets a copy in their cabin box of her 28 Things You Need to Know, so chances are your counselor has read one or two of these devotions over the years. Also, our Senior and Counselor devotion journals that we hand out each summer contain many devotions written by Heather. Even though Heather has been gone from camp for many years, she is still having an impact on many of you today!

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So, move forward many years, and Heather is now a professor at Penn State, where she takes that same Greystone energy and pours it into her students and different ministry opportunities. Her blog Live with Flair is a great source of encouragement to really find that great-day attitude we talk about at camp in your everyday life, no matter the circumstances.

Just last week, she posted about Sheperd’s Pie at camp…we all can relate to the love we have for the mounds of potatoes, cheese, and meat.

Heather recently came out with a book titled Seated with Christ. I am a HUGE reader, and her book was one of my absolute favorites from last year. It would be a great read for any of our older campers, parents, or alums. If you struggle with perfectionism or comparison, this book is really good, pointing out how the Gospel offers freedom from these very things.

Big shout out to Heather; do yourself a favor and grab her book. We are so thankful for all that she continues to do for camp. Thanks Heather!