Mini-Reunion for Greystone Alums

Greystone is all about the friendships – it is the reason girls come back year after year, and what really is the difference in the Greystone experience. We have many in our Greystone community who get together for reunions each year, and recently, some of our 1960’s & 70’s alumnae regrouped for a wonderful mini-reunion near camp.

This group of friends has kept in touch for over 40 years, even getting together multiple times since their Greystone days. This reunion was special, as some of these alums hadn’t been back to camp in over 20 years! Enjoying the reunion were: Jane Foreman Jackson, Cindy Kimball Dykes, Nancy Jackson Davis, Peggy O’Kelly Roberts, Lell Barfield Harboe, Irene Koerner, Patti Powell Evans, and Elizabeth Abernathy.

I loved hearing stories about their weekend, especially the different things they remembered from their Greystone days. This group saw the camp “transition” in leadership from Mrs. Hanna to that of Libby & JimDaddy. But, what the group remembered most (and enjoyed reminiscing about over the weekend) was when Libby recommitted Greystone to Christ in 1972, which forever made Greystone what it is today.

The group toured camp, found their names on plaques on cabins, found their pictures in our alumnae scrapbooks, took a party barge ride to the old swim docks and Greylodge, and ended the night by singing Greystone songs, including a Toast to Libby.

If you ever get together with your camp friends, please send us some pictures! We’d love to share your Greystone reunion with our camp community (e-mail to

Also, make sure you have registered as an Alumna and your information is correct so that you can receive our Alumnae Sparks this year.