2014 Alumnae Reunion

We had the most wonderful (though slightly cold) Alumnae reunion this past weekend! On Sunday morning, it was in the 30’s – talk about chilly! There is nothing like waking up to a brisk morning at camp. Despite the chill in the air, it was one of the best Alumnae Reunions we have had yet.

One of my favorite events of the weekend is the Great Day 5K race. In honor of JimDaddy, the Alums tie up their running shoes to hit the Greystone 5K course…up Apple Hill, through camp, down around the horse pastures, ending on the track. With the leaves beginning to turn and the sun coming through the trees, it was one of the prettiest 5K races we have done at camp.

My other favorite part from the weekend was when the group headed up to Libby’s house, spending time talking about JimDaddy and the impact he had on camp. Libby shared how she and JimDaddy met, and the feelings among the camp community when this new strange man arrived at camp with her the first time. I know we all will remember the stories for years to come, appreciating that special time spent with Libby.

We also enjoyed an amazing talent show (with Greystone Pickers!), s’mores, wonderful food (homemade pizza, biscuits, taco-in-a-bag, and more), ring tennis, the war canoe, riflery, party barge rides, a Sunday sermon from Tim Udouj, and a Greystone Banquet (complete with Hail Greystone Hail, Toast to Libby, and the clap).

The best part of the weekend was the donation made to the Great Day Fund – due to the generosity of our alumnae (some who couldn’t even make the weekend), we were able to donate over $12,000 to the Great Day Fund – wow!

What a fabulous weekend at camp!