Alum Weekend Fun

Last week, we had the most wonderful Alumnae Reunion at camp. It is a fantastic opportunity for Alums to come back and relive their glory days at their summer home. We had wonderful weather and LOTS of fun…singing Greystone songs, cooking s’mores over a fire, a banquet with toasts and awards, and even a fabulous talent show.

The highlight of the weekend was the Great Day 5K race on Saturday morning. Many of our Main Camp cross country runners have experienced this course, and let me tell you – it is NOT for the faint of heart. There is an extremely difficult up hill stretch as you surmount Apple Hill, only to be faced with also running a very steep Jimboy’s driveway. It is a cross-country team’s dream come true! Some Alums run while others choose to walk ; either way, lots of laughs enjoyed by all.

While the weekend allows for Alums to relax and enjoy times back at camp, the weekend also serves as our largest fundraiser for The Great Day Fund, our scholarship opportunity for families in need of financial assistance. This year, the weekend raised $9000 for the Great Day Fund – awesome!

I love the Alum Reunion – it is the highlight of our fall weekends! Seeing generations of Greystone girls singing the same songs and putting on the same talent show acts and enjoying the same food – it is an extremely meaningful and awe-inspiring weekend.