Greystone Alumni

Great Day Sponsors

A very special thanks to the following individuals, families, and groups who graciously donated to the Great Day Fund in 2013! If you would like to support the Fund, please visit our Donation Options page to learn how.

Great Day Fund named endowment ($100,000+)
Great Day Counsel ($10,000-$99,999)
Erwin and David Buck    
Ding How Sponsors ($5000-9,999)
Daniel and Adair Sturdivant Bard    
Bless This Camp Sponsors ($1000-4999)
Katherine Urevig The Ashmore Foundation Maria Kelce Crowley
Carter Harrison Glenn    
Pines So Bold Sponsors ($500-999)
Ann Denson Andy and Elizabeth Green Ausband  
Happy Am I Sponsors ($100-499)
Pikes Peak Community Foundation on behalf of Dr. and Mrs. James E. Strub Jerry and Kristi Kessler Walters Robert and Murray Cheves Thompson
Matthew and Allyson Lee Stone Frank and Katherine Mahon Robinson Charlie and Heidi Strub Nelson
Laura Meherg Fred and Laura Sisk Luquire John and Duggan Childers Lansing
Bill and Sara Kesten Howell Scott and Betsy Dodenhoff Howard Keith and Elizabeth McLaughin Hope
Katherine Hanemann Jane Finney Jeff and Joanie Johnson Erbskorn
Anne Edmunds Emily Edmondson Jamie and Patty Friend Douglass
Jimmy and Ashley Brinson Cusack Fran Crook Shea and Diane Rose Conley
John and Katie Davidson Chastain Dean and Catherine McLaughlin Castaldo Nils and Sims Hammond Bouwmeester
Jenna Thomas Black Jeanne Ashmore Elizabeth Abernathy
David and Beth Vining Kaitlin Nagle Bomar Rebecca Marshburn
Caleb S. Phillips Amy Leone Zirconia Missionary Baptist Church
Chris and Beth Bennett Haga Farrell and Jill Mendelsohn  
Smile, Smile Sponsors ($1-99)
Mabel’s Labels Inc. Margaret Bell Lindsey Hardegree

Donation Levels

Great Day Fund
named endowment
Great Day Counsel
Ding How Sponsors
($5000 – 10,000)
Bless This Camp Sponsors
($1000 – 4999)
Pines So Bold Sponsors
($500 – 999)
Happy Am I Sponsors
($100 – 499)
Smile, Smile Sponsors
($1 – 99)