Being a Greystone counselor is all about service.

On a daily basis, you will pour out your time and energy for the campers over and over again.
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Past counselors describe this job as the most tiring and most rewarding job they have ever had… and they sure are right! As a Greystone counselor, you will love and serve the campers out of your personal relationship with Christ. Our counselors do this by selflessly showing the light of God’s love and exhibiting a positive attitude in all responsibilities.

Being a counselor requires you to work hard even when you are tired, continue to love your campers even when their energy is more than you can handle, and to put your needs second even when you have no alone time. We model this selfless attitude out of our love for the Lord.

While working at Greystone, our female counselors have the opportunity to serve on either Cabin Staff or Program Staff. Male Counselors may serve as Program Staff.

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Cabin Staff

Counselors hired for our Cabin Staff are eligible to be placed in a cabin with campers each session. These counselors live with a group of campers, serving them day in and day out within the cabin environment, including leading a nightly devotion for the group. Not all of our Cabin Staff will be placed in cabins each session; some will have the opportunity to serve on our Program Staff.

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Program Staff

Counselors serving on Program Staff model a true servant attitude, leading by example as they help make camp run smoothly. The Program Staff practices service in everything they do, unselfishly giving of themselves to encourage and support the camp community. Some of these service opportunities include leading a Sunday School group, assisting with many of our Evening Programs, helping to facilitate many of our large camp events, and much more. Program Staff gets to live with and create community amongst other college-aged counselors while sharing a cabin.

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Male Counselors

Our male counselors are a small group of Godly men who come to serve our camp community behind the scenes and assist as Program Staff. Although we rely on our Men Staff to be a positive role model and a support to the community at Greystone, male counselors do not have one-on-one contact, nor do they engage in a personal counseling ministry, with regard to our campers.

All Greystone Staff

No matter your counselor position, all of our staff have the opportunity to serve in a specific program area while here at Greystone. For seven periods a day, you will be teaching young women how to grow in skills ranging from Archery all the way to Zumba. Camp is a great place to learn a new skill, and most of our campers are trying out activities they have never done before. Teaching someone how to throw a pot on the ceramics wheel or coaching them through a High Adventure element is an experience you will never forget.

We are looking for counselors who can maintain patience and understanding while teaching a group of young women. It’s important that FUN is #1 and these girls grow in confidence, even when challenged by something new here at camp.

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