Kitchen Staff Applications

We are so glad you want to apply to work in the Camp Greystone Kitchen this summer! We think it is truly the best. We begin reading applications in January and will be in touch shortly thereafter.

Can I Apply?

If you are between the ages of 14 and 17, you must have permission from your parents to work.. If you are a previous Greystone camper there are other requirements:

  • If you aged out of a session and did not enroll in another session, then you can apply for any session.
  • If you did not age out of your session, you must take one summer off and then you may apply for any session.
  • If you are enrolled in camp and cancel, you cannot work that session in the upcoming summer–you must take one year off or apply for a different sesion.

How to Apply

Everyone applying to work in the Greystone Kitchen for the first time will need to complete the New Staff Application.

  • For those applicants currently enrolled in Middle or High School, select the Kitchen position. Make sure that you personally (and not a parent) fill out the application completely, as all of the information is important to our decision-making, and we want to hear from you!
  • For those applicants currently enrolled in college or are even older, please select the Kitchen Counselor position in the application.

We will contact everyone starting in January to set up an interview. Most of our communication is conducted through email–if you do not have a personal email address, please create one and do not use a parent’s! And please add Alli Kilby ( to your contacts as initial emails often go to Spam folders.

Parents: Once an interview has been set up, we will ask for your contact information (cell phone & email address) to make sure you are in the loop on all things kitchen-related! You will be cc’ed on every email sent out to the under-18 Kitchen Staff applicants. Please let your son or daughter complete the application process on their own!

New Applicants

If you're applying to the Greystone Kitchen for the first time, please use this link.

Apply Now!

Returning Staff

If you’ve worked in the Kitchen before, remind us who you are!

Come back!

Have questions?

If you want to learn more about working in the Greystone Kitchen, the Kitchen leadership is always happy to speak with prospective staff. Please direct correspondence to:

  • Alli Kilby
    Kitchen Head Counselor
  • Gervias Hollowell
    Kitchen Director