Accident & Medical Coverage

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Greystone is a very safe (and fun!) camp; however, accidents and illnesses do happen. In an effort to better assist our girls and families, Greystone is now providing Accident and Medical Insurance coverage free of charge! This policy will cover medical expenses incurred by a camper involved in an accident causing injury.

We are happy to provide this coverage as a way to more thoroughly take care of our campers while they enjoy their summer at Greystone. To find out more about this policy and what is covered, please see the summary below.

What is Accident & Medical Coverage?

Accident and Medical insurance covers medical expenses incurred by the camper involved in an accident causing an injury and expenses incurred from an emergency sickness. What types of expenses are covered?

Usual and customary charges for medically necessary treatments, services or supplies are covered under the provided accident and medical coverage. Examples of customary expenses include hospitalization expenses, doctor’s fees, surgical fees and expenses for medicines or medical equipment.

If my child becomes sick at camp, are costs generated by doctors visits covered under this plan?

Yes. If a child becomes sick while attending camp, this policy does provide coverage for doctor’s visits. Once a child comes down with an illness, and is first treated by a physician while attending camp, the coverage will respond.

Does Accident & Medical Coverage take the place of my child’s personal health insurance?

The Accident and Medical policy (Berkley Accident and Health) will be the camper’s primary coverage and the camper’s personal health insurance will be secondary. Medical expenses incurred by the camper due to an accident are covered up to a limit of $3500. The benefit limit for emergency sickness is $1000.

As the child’s parent or guardian, am I responsible for filing claims under the accident & medical policy?

No. Camp Greystone is responsible for filing claims under the Camp Greystone accident & medical policy. In the unlikely event we have to take your child to the doctor, urgent care or hospital, our staff will complete the necessary paperwork to file a claim for medical expense reimbursement.

This is only a summary of the coverage provided by Camp Greystone’s accident and medical policy. The terms and conditions of the actual policy will take precedence over this summary.